I stoped by the body shop the other day to take a look at the progress. Seems that it's a bit challenging to properly align the front bumper. The goat has the endura bumper option, which is a flexible polyurethane outer coating over the steel framing. This one is original, so it is most likely misshaped from years of bumping into stuff. They're not going to be able to get the sides of the bumper aligned with the front fenders, but this is OK. The middle is aligned with the hood at least.


Most of the body work is done. Car has a lot of bondo now, but what are you gonna do? Interesting, I always suspected that the right front was in an accident because the inside of the door was painted in verdoro green (which is dark green) and did not match the rest of the car. This suspicion was confirmed when the body shop guys showed me all the old bondo that has been done to the right rear quarter panel. I'm pretty sure I told that the car wasn't in an accident. Oh well. Does it really matter?